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Aral and Rewe with a new fast charging partnership



Aral and Rewe with a new fast charging partnership

Pulse of Aral: A man fills his electric car with electricity

Aral and Rewe are expanding their existing partnership: By the end of 2024, they want to set up fast charging stations in 180 Rewe stores across Germany. The goal: at least two fast charging stations, each with two charging stations per Rewe parking space. New 150 kW charging stations should provide electricity for up to 150 km of range in ten minutes.

The two partners are also already studying the extension of the cooperation to up to 600 agencies on rental properties. By the end of 2024, at least 720 charging points with a charging capacity of up to 54,000 kW should be installed. This makes Aral one of Rewe’s most important electric mobility partners in Germany. Of course, customers should also take advantage of this, because they can then charge their vehicle while shopping, for a fee, of course.

Anyway, they are already cooperating: there are Rewe To Go stores in 768 Aral gas stations. Now you go even further with the Schnelllade partnership. The first charging station is expected to go into operation in the fourth quarter of 2023. As part of the cooperation, at least two to a maximum of six fast charging stations will be installed at each of the selected Rewe parking spaces, which will be operated with electricity. electricity from 100% renewable energy. These each have two charging points and a charging capacity of 150 kW.

Additionally, Aral pulse offers Plug & Charge technology, which customers can use to charge at public charging stations without a charge card or app. The driver connects the electric car to the charging point and the charging station and the car do everything else. Of course, this only works if your car is actually compatible. Thanks to the ISO 15118 standard, the electric car authenticates itself and transmits the contract data stored in the vehicle – billing is automatic and does not require a WiFi connection. Certain Rewe customers will certainly be satisfied, right?

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