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Bittorrent client enters beta



Bittorrent client enters beta

Transmission has released version 4.00 Beta 1. This is a client for BitTorrent, released in 2005. Transmission itself is open source and available for different platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

For years, Transmission has largely supported all the essential and popular functions of a BitTorrent client. According to the developers, the code has been extensively streamlined and improved to fix inefficient code and memory consumption. For example, a stress test starting the Transmission daemon with 25,000 torrents is almost entirely I/O bound, requiring 50% fewer CPU cycles and 70% fewer memory allocations than Transmission 3.00.

The entire code base has been migrated from C to C++. They removed thousands of lines of custom code and instead used standard C++ tools. Core code has been reduced by 18%. The core codebase has been extensively redesigned to be more testable and maintainable.

There are also new functions.

Added support for using BitTorrent v2 torrents and hybrid torrents. Support for creating v2 and hybrid torrents is planned for an upcoming release. Users can now set “default” trackers which can be used to advertise all public torrents.

Newly added seeds can start immediately and portion checks as needed, rather than requiring a full check before seeding can begin. The web client has been rewritten to support mobile use, while the Mac client is now a universal application for Intel and Apple processors.

Interested parties can download the beta now and try it out.

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