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Eggs are now laid at picnics, leaving fans confused



Eggs are now laid at picnics, leaving fans confused

Pokémon Eggs are such a thing: no one has ever seen a Pokémon lay one!

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson are about to introduce a major change in Pokémon breeding. The new trailer revealed that eggs can now be found while picnicking. This confuses many French people and raises many questions. The Gen 9 part is likely to upset the entire Pokémon breeding mechanics.

Pokémon Crimson / Crimson: New Trailer Shows Eggs Found At Picnic

That’s what it’s about : In Pokémon Crimson and Crimson we can have a picnic. This serves, among other things, as a social activity in multiplayer, you can also prepare sandwiches in a mini-game, and you can also bathe Pokémon. Apparently we also find eggs in a basket.

At least that’s how it is new fifteen minute gameplay trailer have:

Pokémon Crimson + Crimson - The new trailer shows almost 15 minutes of gameplay


Pokémon Crimson & Crimson – A new trailer shows nearly 15 minutes of gameplay

So not only can we hang out with our friends, make food, and feed and bathe Pokémon, but we also mysteriously find Pokémon eggs in a basket. That works a bit more mysteriousthat the mechanics already were anyway.

More Pokemon News you get here:

What eggs from a picnic could mean

With the new egg mechanics related to the picnic, it remains completely unclear if we can influence the eggs in any way. For example, by selecting two Pokémon, as was the case until now.

Since the second generation put two compatible Pokémon in the Pokémon hoard and get an egg. Although it has never been expressly seen how Pokémon lay eggs, there is apparently some sort of pairing with the corresponding result.

Both parent Pokémon can be used to influence the type of Pokémon we get from them. Of course, this is especially important for brilliant hunters, who of course also use eggs for their breeding activities.

How is it in crimson? Now, many Pokémon fans are wondering if the new part will completely shake things up:

  • There may be no Pokemon hoards left, and eggs are only spawned at picnics. But can we influence this and if so, how?
  • Or will everything stay the same with daycare? It’s possible that the eggs in the picnic are just random bonus eggs, or some that may be influenced in some way by other factors.

We’ll know for sure at the latest when we can finally play Pokémon Crimson and Crimson ourselves. It won’t be so long: the Gen 9 Pokémon game will be released on November 18 on Nintendo Switch and offers, among other things, a perfectly connected open world for the first time.

What do you think: can crimson and purple finally answer the question of where Pokémon eggs come from and how they are made?

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