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Electronic Arts launches new PC app to replace Origin



Electronic Arts launches new PC app to replace Origin

Electronic Arts (EA) has released its new PC application. The app has been around in open beta for a while, but the official green light has now been given, at least for Windows. The new app aims to replace Origin as the one-stop-shop for the publisher’s games.

According to EA, the new platform is faster, more reliable and more focused on a particularly enjoyable gaming experience. Origin is currently still available on the side, but in the medium term you’ll only be sticking with the new app on PC. Features like automatic downloads and background game updates are also included. Plus, there are options to connect to Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, so you can coordinate your friends’ activities across the board.

Those currently using Origin will soon receive an invitation to upgrade to the new EA app. All games and content will be migrated. Local installations and partitions are also supported. The same goes for cloud saves. The move should therefore be as simple as possible. Your friends list will also be transferred.

But what about macOS users? According to EA, Origin for Mac will initially remain the usual point of contact.

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