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How procyanidins in apples, cocoa and wine protect health – healing practice



Health Effects of Type B Procyanidins

A specific class of polyphenolswhich in large quantities in Cocoa, apples, grape seeds and red wine occurs, in addition to protecting against cardiovascular disease and stroke, has a wide range of other beneficial health effects, which, however, are highly dose dependent.

In a new study by experts from the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan, data from intervention studies were analyzed to determine the hormonal response induced by type B procyanidins and to assess its causes. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal “Nutrition Frontiers“published.

Protection against cardiovascular disease

B-type procyanidins According to the researchers, are among the most frequently ingested polyphenols in the human diet.

The results of the study suggest that these procyanidins reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses reduce and have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, which is associated with improved cognitive functions.

In addition, type B procyanidins help control hypertension, dyslipidemia and glucose intolerance, the researchers add.

Great advantages of one-time use

Long-term consumption of type B procyanidins is associated with numerous beneficial health effects. There are also studies that have reported that the single oral dose triggers physiological changes in the circulatory system, in the metabolism and in the central nervous system.

The dose of type B procyanidins seems to play an extremely important role here. According to experts, analyzes of previous reports indicate that the optimal dose of type B procyanidins for hemodynamic effects in middle zone lies.

Higher dose, stronger effect?

The dose-response relationship for most bioactive substances follows a monotonic pattern in which a a higher dose a stronger effect bring with him. In some exceptional cases, however, a U-shaped dose-response curve can be observed, which is based on the so-called hormesis noted.

In other words, if type B procyanidins are taken in too low or too high doses, the reactions triggered are equal to zeroexplain the researchers.

The new results are consistent with those from intervention studies conducted after a single dose of foods rich in B-type procyanidins and support the U-shaped dose-response theory, or hormesis, of polyphenols.“explains the author of the study, Professor Naomi Osakabe in a Press release.

Health benefits through the sympathetic nervous system

Further experiments revealed that the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the hemodynamic and metabolic changes induced by a single oral dose of type B procyanidin.

Previous studies have already proven the role of the gut-brain axis in controlling hormonal stress responses. Activation of the so-called hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis through optimal stress has a strong influence on Memory, cognition and stress tolerance.

The new study now shows that the HPA axis is activated after a single dose of type B procyanidin, the experts report. Thus, stimulation with an oral dose of procyanidin type B could induce activation of the sympathetic nervous system in mammals.

The formation of hormones and the biochemical processes that trigger them provide protection against various disease and aging processes, improve general health and do more resistant to future stress, summarizes the research team. Foods high in B-type procyanidins can have great health benefits. (as)

Author and source information

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