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LS 22 Platinum Edition – pre-order now the new special expansion guide



LS 22 Platinum Edition - pre-order now the new special expansion guide

Our special big Platinum Edition guide explains all the new features for tractor newbies and harvesting veterans alike.

Weeder, cultivator, mulch fork – don’t think anything if you don’t know what to do with these terms. It was the same for me until November 2021. But then Farming Simulator 22 appeared, which made the series, sometimes ridiculed by “real” players, more accessible thanks to many useful improvements – and not only for me, but for many new fans of the game.

We even had to have our special issue for Farming Simulator 22 reprinted due to high demand – an absolute rarity in our industry. Hopefully our circulation calculations will turn out better this time around, because we are of course also bringing a thick special issue to the Platinum Edition of the LS 22.

There we show the innovations and peculiarities of the extension, but do not forget about the newcomers who may be sitting on a tractor for the first time. Finally, with its four so-called maps and over 500 vehicles and machines, the game is a daunting piece well worth digging into.

Pro tips from a real forester

As the game grew, so did our team of writers. Ten proud LS professionals work every square inch to get you the right information. There’s even a real forester, who is of course particularly happy with the new map. These veterans tell you all about:

  • the right way to get started with Farming Simulator
  • Production chains and further processing
  • livestock, crops and forestry
  • best money earner
  • best mods
  • how to set up a multiplayer server and play with your friends

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The Volvo hides in the forest

Not for fools - future foresters will get their money's worth on the new map.

Not for fools – future foresters will get their money’s worth on the new map.

The biggest new feature of the Platinum Edition (or the Platinum Expansion, if you already have the main game) is the fourth map, in the truest sense of the word. Located in the densely forested Pacific Northwest, Silverrun Forest, as its name suggests, is a forester’s paradise. Additional tree species bring new production pathways into play, and all variants of wood processing are offered, including building a boat.

The game’s 40 new vehicles match that, like the Volvo High Lift wheel loader, which you can use to load logs onto trucks. If you wish, you can get into the driver’s cab of the latter and bring the wood to your destination yourself. Forestry professionals are also satisfied with well-known brands such as Impex or Koller.

Become a professional forester now

No board in front of the head – know everything even far from the forest

In addition to the new map, we also cover all expansions that have been released so far.

In addition to the new map, we also cover all expansions that have been released so far.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re just treading the wrong path in the new special. Instead, there’s the complete package for the promising farmer. In addition to the main game, we also take a look at expansions that have been released so far, for example viticulture or high-tech precision farming with GPS support.

We provide you with advice and assistance:

  • Raising horses, pigs, cows, chickens and bees
  • unravel complex production chains
  • take you to tractor driving school (upside down with a trailer!)
  • Guides on how to build, AI helpers, or just the right settings

After all, not everyone likes to run the whole operation, but (like me after a hard day) maybe just wants to take the tractor for a spin.

Including free PC codes for three vehicles

Maybe you feel the same way, but for me technology is a big part of the fascination. Huge combines, heavy tractors and almost scary harvesters – we can drive it all ourselves in Farming Simulator 22. We present the highlights of the game’s fleet of vehicles in detail in this issue, so that you had the right device for every task.

And we’ll even help you fill your own hall: with the free code* in the booklet, you can climb into the driver’s seat of the historic Zetor Z-25K, the modern Fendt 900 Vario Black Beauty and the driver’s cabin of the le Mack Truck Black Anthem 6×4.

Get started now with a free code*

Our big special issue for Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition is here from 11/11/22 at the kiosk. Or you can pre-order it now and definitely get it on time (and free delivery!) in the mailbox. It’s in our special issue:

  • over 140 jam-packed pages, written by real LS experts
  • Platinum Edition innovations
  • all DLC and addons of the 1st season
  • Guides for young farmers and farming veterans in the best GameStar quality
  • Activation code for three vehicles*
  • Double XXL poster with production lines and artwork

Become a professional farmer now

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