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Medieval Dynasty lets you immerse yourself in medieval life now on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S



Medieval Dynasty lets you immerse yourself in medieval life now on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Medieval Dynasty is available on consoles since October 6th.

Gender: simulation Development team: render cube Platform: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC Release: October 6, 2022 (console)

Are you tired of constant fights, but still want to spend countless hours in a medieval open world without any fantasy elements? Then it’s worth taking a look at Medieval Dynasty, which has been available for PC for a while and is now making the jump to consoles. In this presentation of the game, we briefly and concisely explain what you can expect from the title.

Daily life in the Middle Ages instead of constant action

If you’re looking for quirky combat and a staged story like in Kingdom Come: Deliverance in Medieval Dynasty, you’ll be looking in vain. There are also role-playing aspects and some strategy is also required, but what you can expect above all is a construction simulation with medieval daily life.

Of course, it’s also about survival here, after all, our character just escaped from war, but he uses hammer and sickle instead of armor and sword, although wild animals and bandits can sometimes mean that we must take up arms. The Middle Ages aren’t just a pony farm, even if we’re not looking for trouble.

Our fellow GameStar Fabiano tested Medieval Dynasty for the final launch on PC. The game is still evolving, but in this video he tells you the most important things:

Medieval hit Medieval Dynasty just keeps getting better - version 1.0 is being tested


Medieval hit Medieval Dynasty just keeps getting better – version 1.0 is being tested

So that’s what it’s all about in the first place., collect and process resources, not only to have something on your plate, but also to create a prosperous village in the field. In addition to our own house, it is important to build production buildings, produce goods, manage people and earn money through trade, because we have to pay taxes to live in the country.

Medieval Dynasty likes to be precise. Building a house is not done just by placing it, no, we have to build the foundation first, then build walls, roofs and doors piece by piece and with different resources. We can even choose the materials, for example planks or stone.

house building

We don’t just put a complete house in the landscape, we have to put everything together piece by piece.

harvest wood

The dismantling of wood is also more fragmented. Logs, twigs, boards – wood is not just wood.

All problems bring us not only new buildings and goods, but also experience. So everything we do unlocks skill points and corresponding blueprints. For example, if we often plow the field (by the way, like everything else, whether in first or third person), our farming experience increases, which means that we unlock new buildings such than barns and stables.

You don’t want to survive? No problem. If you want to live a more relaxed middle-class life without having to worry about thirst, taxes or the temperature for example, you can turn all of this off in the settings. There you can also change the days of the seasons if you don’t fancy a long, cold winter.

From generation to generation

Story missions introduce us to the gameplay, but ultimately we are free to do as we please. Freedom is very important here. But Medieval Dynasty wouldn’t be called Medieval Dynasty if we couldn’t found our own dynasty there.

Uniegost is our first quest giver.

Uniegost is our first quest giver.

An important aspect of the game is therefore the family. We can find a spouse thanks to the romance options among the NPCs, have children and thus pass from generation to generation. So we change character over time, since he will eventually bless the temporal.

There’s more to come

If Medieval Dynasty appeals to you but you prefer to play with friends, then we have good news: the cooperative mode is coming next year, which will also give us the possibility to customize our character. Armor, crests, shields and other content will also be added:

Annika Bavendiek

I’ve had my eye on Medieval Dynasty for a long time. But since I don’t like to play on PC, I was even happier with the console version. And after a short adaptation period, it is also very easy to control with the controller, which does not interfere with the relaxed flow of “oh, there is still a house to visit”.

Of course you have to like the realistic and detailed approach, because not everyone wants to take care of the character’s hygiene as well, but for me it even has a motivating effect, because I really always have something to do . And if something bothers you, you can defuse a lot of it in the settings.

The upcoming cooperative mode is of course a plus, but in my opinion Render Cube should also work more on the liveliness of the world and a soundtrack (if only in English). It would also make my efforts to find a woman in-game more enjoyable.

Will you be playing Medieval Dynasty on console? Do you perhaps already know it from the PC? If Medieval might not be for you, but you like the concept of the game, then maybe Wild West Dynasty or Sengoku Dynasty might be something for you? Write me your opinion in the comments.

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