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Tesla Semi Truck will be delivered to Pepsi from December 2022



Tesla Semi Truck will be delivered to Pepsi from December 2022

According to a tweet from Elon Musk, Tesla will start delivering its tractor-trailers to Pepsi on December 1, 2022. These electric vehicles were first shown in 2017. At that time, they also announced that Pepsi had pre-ordered around 100 copies of the semi-trailer. Now the production has really started.

According to Tesla, tractor-trailers can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph or about 96 km/h in 20 seconds, even when fully loaded. Depending on the equipment, the cars should be able to travel around 480 to 805 km on a single charge. In just 30 minutes, Tesla Semi Trucks should be charged up to 70%.

Tesla isn’t exactly known for sticking to its own schedules – see the Cybertruck postponed multiple times. After all, they are now sticking to their last announcement of delivery of the semi-trailer in 2022.

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