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Thanks to Stadia’s crush, you’ll soon be able to play my horror climax on console



Thanks to Stadia's crush, you'll soon be able to play my horror climax on console

Gylt will be coming to more platforms in 2023, according to developer Tequila Works.

Google Stadia will soon join the global company’s growing list of failed projects. What remains is the missed opportunity to make video game streaming more palatable. But there’s a good thing about the downfall: when the platform debuted at the end of 2019, Gylt was a real gem in the realm of horror games, but only a few of you have probably played it. this day. In fact, I’m pretty sure many of you haven’t heard of The Chilling Adventures of Little Sally, but hopefully that will change soon.

Directly to the GamePro test detailed by Gylt:

The first Stadia exclusive is a huge surprise


Gylt in the test

The first Stadia exclusive is a huge surprise

Stadia Exclusive is finally coming to consoles

Thankfully, as developer Tequila Works has now announced, Gylt won’t be buried with Stadia. The horror game will become a cross-platform title as early as 2023 and will therefore also appear on consoles and probably also on PC. (by Twitter). Unfortunately, there is no exact information yet.

You can get an idea of ​​the game in the trailer:

Gylt - Google Stadia Exclusive Launch Trailer


Gylt – Google Stadia Exclusive Launch Trailer

Pixar optics meets horror: it’s Gylt

When I tested Google Stadia in late 2019 and Gylt’s test sample arrived, I had honestly never heard of the game. “So this is the first Stadia exclusive? Well, check it out” , I thought.

Just seconds into the game, it was clear this could be a really cool horror/mystery adventure. The game’s Pixar visuals alone are fantastic, and the story of desperate little Sally, who we control in third person, immediately draws you into the game.

A mix of Alan Wake and Styx: Purely in terms of gameplay, you get a stealth game here. Like Alan Wake, Sally’s weapon is a flashlight, which she uses to turn creepy hooded gnomes into dust and ash. The roughly six-hour adventure is loosened up with little puzzle passages and cutscenes, which further the harrowing story about bullying.

Denis Michael

I made a pilgrimage through the entire editorial team for the release of Gylt and recommended Sally’s Adventure to anyone who even remotely understands scary games. Most of the time, the only answer was “Is it only available on Stadia? Well, maybe later.”

2023 is your time when the game also releases on consoles. Anyway, I had a really good time with the stealth game and its Pixar-chic look in my six hours at the end.

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