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The movie has a first trailer and it looks pretty cool



The movie has a first trailer and it looks pretty cool

Of course, Bowser also stars as the eternal antagonist in this Mario product.

Super Mario hits the big screen – again! This time, however, it’s a very different movie than Super Mario Bros. in 1993. Now there’s a first trailer for the new animated film, which was shown yesterday during a little Nintendo Direct broadcast of its own. And what we’ve seen there looks really, really promising.

This is what the new Super Mario Bros movie looks like in the first trailer

The movie Super Mario Bros.  - The first trailer shows Mario, Toad, Bowser and Luigi in action


The movie Super Mario Bros. – The first trailer shows Mario, Toad, Bowser and Luigi in action

At first glance, what you see here looks really convincing. The look matches, Bowser is right, really mean, and Super Mario ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad and Luigi are also on board, there’s even a full Penguin Kingdom and plenty of humor. Only Princess Peach is currently missing a trace.

Super Mario Bros movie: The voice actors are… okay?

There has been a lot of debate about this before.if Chris Pratt matches the original voice of Mario (via: Kotaku). Now it’s clear: it works to a certain extent, even if it seems quite strange that Mario doesn’t seem to have an Italian accent anymore. But maybe it’s better. By the way, here at Polygon you can listen to the all-Italian dub.

Jack Black definitely fills his role as Bowser very well. It really fits the proverbial fist in the eye and already sounds like an absolute highlight of the whole movie. It doesn’t matter if you like Jack Black or not. Anyway, Bowser seems to have plenty of space here and that could be pretty cool.

New Super Mario Movie Trailer Already Delivers Meme Material

Everything is so colorful: Overall, the movie’s trailer almost matches the feel and look of many Super Mario games in recent years surprisingly well. Apparently, the fears in this regard were unfounded. Bowser’s aura couldn’t be darker, and it’s just fun to see the colorful and friendly Mushroom Kingdom like this.

Super Mario himself looks pretty convincing too. However, for better or worse, it has to live with the fact that it will now be used in many memes and reaction GIFs.

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When does it start? The Super Mario Bros movie is set to hit theaters in Spring 2023 after some time. More precisely March 23, then it starts in Germany. Princess Peach is voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit), Donkey Kong by Seth Rogen, and the comic is written by Matthew Fogel (Minions: The Rise of Gru).

Now it’s up to you: how did you like the first trailer? Is this how you imagined it, what are you still missing, what do you hope for?

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