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The Steam Deck can now be ordered without delay



The Steam Deck can now be ordered without delay

If you want a Steam Deck, you no longer have to book and wait.

Good news: Anyone who wants to buy a Steam deck can now do so without hesitation. Long queues and delays are over, now you can simply order the laptop and have it delivered within days or weeks. The docking station for the Steam Deck is finally available.

Steam Deck normally available: You no longer need to reserve

It was like this until now: When the Steam Deck launched, the only option was to reserve one of the coveted devices. Waiting times were given as rough quarterly estimates and mostly amounted to many months. But now it’s finally over.

You can now easily purchase the Steam Deck. After Valve properly ramped up production, it has now been announced that the queue and all pre-orders or reservations have now been processed.

Conditional: Valve recalls that the capacities nevertheless remain limited. If the demand for a model is so great that the group cannot keep up with production and delivery, reservation queues are reintroduced.

At least the two most expensive Steam Deck variants with NVMe SSD and 256 GB or 512 GB can currently be ordered directly from the homepage. The cheapest 64 GB version already indicates that it can now be reserved. However, it says “October – December 2022” as expected, so almost now.

Everything you need to know about the Steam Deckyou can find in our big GamePro test of the competitor of the Switch:

Steam Deck in the test: Between tech heaven and comfort hell


more on the subject

Steam Deck in the test: Between tech heaven and comfort hell

Of course, if you’re wondering how exactly Steam Deck and the venerable pioneering Nintendo Switch hybrid console differ, we’ve prepared a little something for you as well. On the one hand there is our big portable comparison GamePro Steam Deck against Nintendo Switch or this video on the subject:

Why Steam Deck and Switch Don't Compare - (And We Do Anyway)


Why Steam Deck and Switch Don’t Compare – (And We Do Anyway)

How it works: If you want to order the Steam Deck, it’s much easier now. All you have to do is go to the official Steam store page and select your desired model there. Then you click on the corresponding button, the Steam Deck ends up in the shopping cart and you complete the purchase normally by entering your data. Instead of ending up on the waiting list, the device will soon be sent to you.

If you don’t have a Steam account yet – here you will be helped:

Create a Steam account for the Steam Deck - this is how it works


more on the subject

Create a Steam account for the Steam Deck – this is how it works

The Steam Dock is now also available for your Steam Deck

The Steam Deck’s docking station isn’t officially called the Steam Dock, but that doesn’t matter. The accessory was officially announced a while ago, now it’s finally available. At the moment you also don’t need a reservation for this, you can just order directly. It costs 99 euros.

This brings you: With the docking station, you can connect your Steam Deck to the TV or simply charge it. The room looks very chic, small and inconspicuous. It has a special scratch-resistant rubber shape and offers DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0 and Internet cable connection as well as three USB 3.1 ports. But you can also use a perfectly normal USB-C hub if you already have one.

Got your hands on a Steam Deck now that you don’t have to wait any longer? Or is there something else holding you back?

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