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TikTok launches new editing tools for videos, sounds, images and more



TikTok launches new editing tools for videos, sounds, images and more

As announced by TikTok, users of the service have new tools to edit their media, which can be used to easily adjust clips, sounds, images and text, among others. For example, videos can be adjusted in their speed, they can be split, stacked and trimmed. The same is now possible for sounds.

Additionally, short sound effects can now be embedded in your downloads. The text can be edited and better positioned, and you can also set how long the text should be visible. Picture-in-picture and video-in-video formats should now also be possible.

The photo mode has also been improved. You can now create a sort of carousel of images, which are then displayed one after another in the post. Images can also be accompanied by music. It remains to be seen if Instagram can finally top Instagram with this. As is known, the meta-platform strives to imitate the competition from the Far East, although Instagram was initially designed as a pure photo platform.

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