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Trailer for the movie ‘Causeway’ starring Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence



Trailer for the movie 'Causeway' starring Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence

Apple not only buys content for its streaming service, but also produces it itself with partners. In the most recent case, Apple obtained the rights to the film “Causeway”, produced and developed by A24 and in which the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has died. takes the lead role. Lila Neugebauer is directing, and Brian Tyree Henry, known as Phastos from “Eternals,” also stars. Apple says of the story:

Jennifer Lawrence plays Lynsey, a soldier trying to adjust to his homeland of New Orleans after sustaining a traumatic injury. When she meets local mechanic James (Brian Tyree Henry), an unexpected relationship develops between the two.

Not really a new story, it remains to be seen how A24 pulled it off and how Lawrence fulfills his role. She has already demonstrated a few times that she knows how to play. The film has now received an official trailer and will be available on Apple TV+ from November 4.

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