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New Vantum gaming chair presented at 1,309 euros



New Vantum gaming chair presented at 1,309 euros

If you want to play for a long time, you also need to be able to sit well. Logitech thought the same and introduced the new “Vantum” gaming chair with its Logitech G brand of gaming hardware along with Herman Miller. It costs a whopping $1,309, comes in Flare Red, Obsidian Black and Polar White color variants and comes with a 12-year warranty.

Along with a chest support, you also get an adjustable headrest so you can start using the mouse and keyboard as comfortably as possible. The new chair is made of die-cast aluminum and nylon, the seat padding is made of 100% recycled textile. Of course, we also have the chair specifications for you:

  • Total height: 1124-1372 mm
  • Total height without headrest: 1022 – 1124 mm
  • Headrest height: 102 mm
  • Headrest area: 165 mm
  • Overall width: 724-775mm
  • Overall depth: 686-737mm
  • Seat height: 457-559mm
  • Seat width: 508mm
  • Seat depth: 369 – 445 mm
  • Armrest height: 152 – 248 mm
  • Base diameter: 686 mm
  • Guaranteed maximum load capacity: 136 kg
  • Chair weight: 16.7 kg Package weight: 23.1 kg
  • Price: 1,309 euros

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