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Hub is already on sale



Hub is already on sale

Anyone interested in IKEA’s new smart home hub, the Will Direct, can already buy it with luck. In Munich-Brunnthal, for example, the new hubs are already available and can be purchased for 59.99 euros. A user on Reddit has already done this. Big but: you can’t do anything with it at the moment because the new app isn’t out yet. When we asked IKEA, we were told that the new app wouldn’t be released until November.

The new Dirigera hub is 2.7cm tall and has a diameter of 11.2cm. This makes it about half the height and only slightly wider than the old Trådfri footbridge. The Dirigera also relies on WiFi, Zigbee and Thread, allowing it to act as a Thread border router once everything is up.

The new hub is equipped with an Ethernet port for LAN connection and a USB-C socket for power supply. The Ikea Dirigera hub is compatible with Matter. Matter is a connection standard designed to support many different product types and use cases, and to create some kind of consistency.

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