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EA Accidentally Knocks Out Extremely Valuable FUT Cards Way Too Cheap



EA Accidentally Knocks Out Extremely Valuable FUT Cards Way Too Cheap

FIFA 23 relies entirely on the golden donkey FUT, where chaos reigns from time to time.

FIFA 23 is here and fans are opening FUT packs in droves. Recently, however, a tremor has passed through the colorful world of player cards: valuable hero packs, which normally fetch millions, have been mistakenly released on the market for just 25,000 coins. The whole thing was an accident and caused millions in losses to the FUT economy.

FIFA 23: Hero Packs Worth Millions Cost Very Little For A Short Time

good luck and bad luck are sometimes very close. In this case, some FIFA 23 players were very lucky and were able to get the extremely valuable hero packs for a small dollar. Apparently, this was only possible for about 25 minutes before EA noticed the error and fixed it.

Unlucky were all those who, out of panic and in reaction to the sudden drop in prices, sold their own cards and packs at the same adjusted prices in the transfer market. These people have now lost millions of millions just like that – because of a mistake by EA.

It is particularly painful, because these FUT coins can of course also be purchased with real money and therefore not only have real value in FIFA 23. If the economy of FIFA 23 has to accept a loss of millions, this also has an impact on reality. Anyone who paid millions in FUT Coins for it now only gets a lot less for the cards, which have probably also lost value permanently – bad negative business (via: DualShockers).

The positive about it: Players who got the lower cost packs now have very good cards. This saves you weeks of FIFA work or investing real money. If you’re wondering who the best current FIFA 23 players are, you can find the ratings in the GamePro preview.

Besides, that’s how he sees it latest trailers out:

FIFA 23 - The launch trailer shows Mbappé and Co in action


FIFA 23 – The launch trailer shows Mbappé and Co in action

Learn more about FIFA 23:

Since September 30, FIFA 23 can officially be played by everyone. If you pre-ordered the title or had an EA Play subscription (also included in Game Pass Ultimate), you can play a little earlier. A similar misstep by EA with the hero packs even led to a mega leak a month before release.

FIFA 23 was released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch. However, you have to live with heavy cuts compared to the PS5 and Series X versions, especially on the switch.

Did you get the hero packs at a bargain price? What do you think of such blunders?

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