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Mediterranean diet improves skin cancer treatment success – Heilpraxis



How Healthy Diet Influences Skin Cancer Treatment

A mediterranean diet is in people with skin cancer who are under advanced melanoma are associated with a better response to immunotherapy and longer progression-free survival rates.

In a new multicenter study involving experts from Groningen University Medical Center was found that the Mediterranean diet significantly with better Response to immunotherapy drugs – the so-called immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) – is connected. The results of the study have been published on the UEG Week 2022 presented, which is organized by the European Union of Gastroenterology (UEG).

Participants with advanced melanoma

Has 91 people with a advanced melanomawho received immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy, researchers investigated possible links between therapy success and nutrition. Therapeutic advances have been made regular radiological checks detected.

Particularly beneficial Mediterranean diet

It turned out that a Mediterranean diet Overall response rate to cancer treatment performed increase. Plus she improved that too progression-free survival participants after twelve months, the researchers report.

Moreover, the consumption of whole grain products and legumes reduces the risk of affected individuals developing drug-induced immunological side effects (eg colitis). Red and processed meat have the probability immune system side effects however increased.

Finding a link between the Mediterranean diet, an improved response to ICI therapy, and the gut microbiome offers promising opportunities to improve treatment success, the researchers point out.

Improved treatment outcomes in many types of cancer

The new findings could improve treatment success for many people with cancer, as ICI therapy different types of tumors can be applied, including cancers affecting the digestive tract concern, according to the author of the study Laura Bolte of the University Medical Center of Groningen.

According to Bolte, ICI have already revolutionized the treatment of various advanced cancers. They work by Block immune system checkpointswhich forces the body’s T cells to attack cancer cells, the team explains.

Role of diet in cancer treatment

Our study highlights the importance of nutritional assessment in cancer patients starting ICI treatment and supports the importance of nutritional strategies to improve patient outcomes and survival.“, to sum up lock. (as)

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