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Samsung confirms new partnerships for its Smart TV Tizen operating system



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I had previously blogged about Samsung picking up new partners for Tizen – like Australian provider Tempo and its brands. Samsung has now confirmed the whole thing in a press release and officially added manufacturers Atmaca and HKC as additional partners. As brands, Bauhn, Linsar, Sunny, Vispera and others will rely on Tizen as their Smart TV operating system in the future.

The corresponding televisions are sold in Australia, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Turkey and Great Britain. Of course, Samsung announces reduced development costs for its partners who could rely on an established platform. Of course, this also translates into an ecosystem of apps. Ultimately, the big goal, just like with LG and webOS, is to achieve additional monetization through advertising and analytics or selling user data after the TV is sold.

Tizen partners can then also integrate Samsung TV Plus, the company’s universal guide and digital assistant Bixby. It remains to be seen whether the latter is the major asset. Samsung points out that more than 200 million people from 197 countries now use Tizen. It is believed that this number will soon increase significantly as more partners use the platform.

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