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Spotify Audience Network launches in Germany



Spotify Audience Network launches in Germany

Spotify has announced the launch of its Spotify Audience Network in Germany. As a listener, it’s of no use to you at first, but podcasters or advertisers can use it to plan campaigns. Spotify is also launching a new reporting tool for podcast advertising, Podsights, which will help advertisers coordinate their podcast advertising in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

Features include streaming ad insertion, Spotify Ad Studio and Spotify Brand Lift. So it’s about bombarding you with ads in the most effective and appropriate way possible for your viewing habits. Fortunately, this does not concern me personally, as I am not generally interested in podcasts and have therefore never listened to one on Spotify. But according to the Swedish provider, I’m probably the exception, because there is a steady growth in listeners.

In any case, target group targeting should be used in order to deliver pre- or mid-roll ads accurately. Podsights then give advertisers real-time information about their podcast campaign, which they can access at any time and across all channels – for delivery on Spotify and also outside the app. In addition, they can also specifically analyze the advertising impact of the campaign. Podsights uses pixel-based attribution to measure things like website visits, purchases, and app downloads.

Well, because creators and advertisers will be happy, then podcast listeners should, at least in theory, get ads that are more relevant and tailored to them.

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