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The premium bracelet at 200 euros will be released in spring 2023



The premium bracelet at 200 euros will be released in spring 2023

While Apple users have had a choice for years, there hasn’t been anything directly from Google for the Android platform so far, but there have been from many other companies. Not much left, at least Samsung still delivers well and is also “thick” with Google regarding Wear OS. Probably no surprise: Google now also offers alternative wristbands for the Google Pixel Watch, including some from the premium corner.

The stainless steel chain bracelet should arrive in the spring and cost 199 euros, the Milanese version should also appear next year – for 129 euros. In addition to the premium bands mentioned, Google already has a few available for sale, at 59 or 79 euros. Let’s see if customers are waiting for spring to access Google. Third-party vendors will likely step in for a small dollar – as is the case with Apple bands.

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