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The smart toaster costs 339 euros



The smart toaster costs 339 euros

From the series: “It Really Exists”. Tineco, known for its vacuum cleaners and mops, has introduced a smart toaster. It’s called Toasty One. The toaster is said to retail for $339 – and some people are probably wondering what it can do.

The price is not without. And by “not without,” I mean he probably wouldn’t want it in his head. After all: Tineco installs a 4 inch LCD touch screen, which is used to operate the device. According to Tineco, a patented IntelliHeat toasting algorithm is used. Each slice of toast can be toasted individually. All of this can be adjusted via the screen, and up to 8 preferences can even be saved – depending on the family member. Some like it a little crispier, others less.

The smart toaster offers 4 toasting modes – Smart, Fresh, Reheat and Frozen. As mentioned, in smart mode, users can use the slider to select exactly the color they want for the toast. Also on board, of course: automatic raising and lowering of the toast – and a removable crumb tray is also installed. Admittedly, a matter of taste, but I really like this design. Presumption: Tineco’s Toasty One will certainly find few buyers because of its price. But it is also an exception in terms of technology. A toaster with a screen is a rarity.

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