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Xbox boss teases possible streaming device in Happy Birthday to Fallout



Xbox boss teases possible streaming device in Happy Birthday to Fallout

Microsoft is working on a streaming device, but it hasn’t been seen so far.

When Xbox boss Phil Spencer posts photos of his home or his private shelves can be seen in the background in interviews, it doesn’t look like anything particularly spectacular at first. At least nothing that would justify people sometimes sitting in front of their screens with magnifying glasses to discover details.

But it happens on a regular basis, because in the past the Xbox boss has already teased things that weren’t officially revealed until later. These include the Xbox Series S, which was on Spencer’s shelf two months before the announcement.

Everyone only has eyes for a detail

It’s no longer surprising, then, that Spencer’s recent tweet, which he posted to mark the 25th anniversary of the Fallout series, caught the eye. The attached photo shows a Spencer shelf with the Vault-Boy mascot. However, another detail attracts attention.

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On the top shelf, you can see a small (?) white device that looks like an Xbox One or Xbox Series S. However, it’s too small and compact for one, with the body barely wider than an Xbox controller standing right next to it.

What is that?

What is that?

Of course, this detail was noticed immediately and in the comments under the tweet there is already a lot of talk about what the mysterious thing could be. Delete favorite so far: The Xbox streaming device, which Microsoft last confirmed was in development in May and which media reports say is called “Keystone”:

Microsoft is working on the Keystone streaming box, which turns your TV into an Xbox


more on the subject

Microsoft is working on the ‘Keystone’ streaming box that turns your TV into an Xbox

Is it really Keystone?

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, Keystone can be connected to any TV or monitor like an Amazon Fire Stick and does not require a console. This would allow the Game Pass to be distributed even faster, especially since such a device would probably be significantly cheaper than a dedicated console. A Smart TV application already exists. Microsoft introduced it a few months ago, and the app has been available on select devices since late June.

Of course the question remains: Did the Xbox boss actually tease such a device here? Or will this assumption resolve into something else in the near future? This could probably only be clarified by an official announcement from Microsoft, for which there is so far no sign. Microsoft doesn’t typically comment on rumors or speculation, but we’ve sent a query just in case.

What do you think: do we see the unannounced Xbox streaming device here?

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