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Bio, Career, Net worth, Age, Children



Bio, Career, Net worth, Age, Children

Vernell Varnado is popular as the father of rap legend, Snoop Dogg.

Being known as children is one of the greatest and happiest times in a parent’s life. People often say that nothing the father or mother does for the children is ever wasted. Parents are the greatest source of inspiration and support in children’s lives.

However, some of them do not. It leaves a huge scar on children’s little hearts from childhood. Some are bound to painfully live with pain, but some rise and roar breaking boundaries and setting themselves high.

Today, we are going to talk about a father-son duo to which we can evoke a similar situation. The man is none other than the father of legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg. His name is Vernell Varnado.

Also, moving forward, let’s get to know Vernell’s life story as well as his relationship with his son Snoop Dogg.

So let’s start then.

Who is Vernell Varnado?

Vernell Varnado is known as the father of rap legend, Snoop Dogg. He was born on December 13, 1949 in the United States in a town named Magnolia, Mississippi. In 2022, he is 73 years old.

The father of the popular celebrity is of American nationality. Likewise, Varnado is of mixed African American descent. He was born under the sign of Sagittarius, according to his date of birth.

However, other details about his childhood are not generally available to the public. Vernell is a well-educated person when it comes to education.

His education

Although there is no information regarding the details of Varnado’s education after high school, it is less likely that he graduated from college considering the era in which he was born. However, he completed his high school education at West Los Angeles School.

Source: Instagram @snoopdogg

His parents

Vernell seems to come from a relatively friendly family. He is the son of William Varnado and Minnie Felder. It is not known what his parents did as a profession or what culture they followed. But moreover, it seems that his family background is somehow better.

His son Snoop Dogg shared photos of Vernell’s parents calling them grandfather and grandmother. From this, it seems that the family had a very loving bond.

Additionally, Snoop shared his love for sports and the outdoors initiated by watching a game with his loving grandfather as a child. It’s kind of a sweet memory and a gesture to show the connection between how his family inspired him in some aspects.

Speaking of religion, it is unknown which religion the Varnado family follows. But, seeing the social media of prominent rap artist Snoop Dogg, we can take a hint of Islamic belief.

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What does Vernell Varnado do for a living?

Varnado’s roles in the 2017 true crime films All Eyez On Me and Make It Rain released in 2008 mainly define his acting career.

Everyone’s life is unpredictable and full of circumstances, just like Vernell’s. Following his situation in life, he also once worked as a courier. Similarly, the famous father enlisted in the army at just nineteen years old and served in Vietnam, according to the respective reports.

He worked as a soldier during the Vietnam War. The war took place between North Vietnam and South Vietnam at this time. Eventually, right after the war, he left military service.

Son Snoop’s talent is natural and gifted to most people. We can also add more evidence to the fact of his family history. It’s also because Vernell was also a singer and worked as a singer at one point.

Despite his own success in the television business, Varnado is best known as the father of rap legend Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dog’s father was also associated with the Broken Street Apparel brand, an online Central Coast streetwear fashion store.

Vernell Varnado with his family
Source: Instagram @snoopdogg

Vernell Varnado did not lift Snoop

Vernell left Beverly Tate and Snoop, Snoop’s mother, when he was just 3 months old. Afterwards, Beverly remarried and raised her children with Calvin Cordozar Broadus. Before that, Beverly raised Snoop as a single parent.

Faced with the absence of a father figure in life, the rapper knows the importance of parents in the lives of children. The rapper loves his kids and always does his best to be there for his kids.

Although he missed much of Snoop Dogg’s childhood, Varnado maintains a positive bond with his son. He now has a nice family bond with the offspring and serves as a grandparent to Snoop’s children respectively.

Is Vernell Varnado present on social networks

Varnado was active on social media platforms with huge followers. Similarly, he frequently uploaded pictures of his grandchildren as well as other family members and friends to social media.

On his Instagram account @poppasnoop, he had over 200,000 Instagram followers, in addition to his total number of 770 downloads.

But for the moment, he has switched his life to private mode and is out of public view. In addition to this fact, Vernell peacefully lives a happy and happy life close to his family and friends.

Vernell Varnado with Snoop Dogg
Source: Twitter @Snooppoppa

What is his relationship with his son Snoop Dogg

Previously, Snoop Dogg as a child was abandoned by his father. Reports claim that Vernell left his wife and son when Snoop was just three months old. The sad incident happened probably because of bad circumstances and situations at that time. Vernell could not be present in his son’s life as he grew up due to his personal conditions.

A father figure is necessary in the life of the child to lead the right path in life mainly.

Unfortunately, Snoop Dogg had to grow up without his father. His mother loved him and cared deeply for him, but despite this he got involved in various illegal activities in his youth. Growing up, he faced many difficulties in life. To earn a living, as a child, Snoop Dogg sold newspapers and candy to meet his daily needs.

With each passing moment, he grew to be a strong, rich and famous person who faced all the hardships of life. However, over time, father and son repaired their relationship beautifully. Right now they are very close to each other.

Vernell has been reunited with his son and his family and is living a vibrant life surrounded by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren respectively.

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How rich is Vernell Varnado?

In the past, Varnado worked as a courier. He was also in the US Army. Moreover, he also did some songs in his time. However, he couldn’t get much recognition for his music.

Moreover, he has now retired and is enjoying his seventies. Talking about his net worth, the famous dad also did not reveal his income and net worth.

On the other hand, his son, Snoop Dogg is one of the richest rappers. He is currently worth over $150 million.

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Body measurements

Likewise, in terms of physical appearance, he is 6 feet tall and weighs around 80 kg. Although he is a 73-year-old man, Vernell appears fit and healthy.

His various physiological facts, on the other hand, are generally not available to the media. Because he comes from a mixed ethnicity, Vernell has a dark complex based on appearance and has distinct characteristics.

So, this is all about world famous rap artist, Snoop Dogg’s dad, Vernell Varnado.

If you have anything to say regarding the article, please let us know your valuable opinions in the comments below.

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