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Chinese electric car maker enters EU market with three models



Chinese electric car maker enters EU market with three models

Chinese electric car maker NIO is entering the European market this week. On the new European markets, yes, including Germany, NIO offers the use of vehicles exclusively by subscription or leasing. According to the company, it is also aimed specifically at small and medium-sized businesses. Interested private and business customers can now order the respective vehicle directly at However, NIO only offers the leasing program through partners. However, rental users and subscription users should otherwise enjoy the same NIO user experience.

NIO wants to ease concerns about the electric car lineup with the “Battery as a Service” (BaaS) concept. BaaS allows drivers to swap their battery in less than 5 minutes at a power swap station. With the growing infrastructure of energy exchange stations, business trips must then be carried out completely electrically without any loss of time. More than 1,100 Power Swap Stations are currently in service around the world. It will therefore take a long time before this is widely established. Here you are still an early adopter.

As of this week, three all-electric vehicles from NIO are available in the EU:

According to the company, other offerings from NIO for business users will follow shortly. In general, you can also find the subscription prices for private and business customers on the model pages linked above. As a chosen example: For individuals, a subscription to ET7 starts at 1,191.21 euros per month. The ET5 starts at 999.17 euros per month and the EL7 at at least 1,299.04 euros per month. The prices relate to a term of 36 months and already include delivery costs and the costs of the energy package. However, the delivery time varies according to the models and is sometimes six to eight months.

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