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Ecovac’s AIRBOT Z1 is a smart and mobile air filter for 1,500 euros



Ecovac's AIRBOT Z1 is a smart and mobile air filter for 1,500 euros

There are things that don’t exist at all. Ecovacs, which offers robot vacuums, has now introduced the AIRBOT Z1. Basically, it is an air purification system. One of the special features, however, is that an “AI video function” is also installed. In the end, it will be something like robot vacuums that the AIRBOT Z1 will fly through the cabin intact.

A laser detection system (LDS) is used to create a map, and there is also a voice assistant. If you want, you can even listen to music, because the Ecovacs AIRBOT Z1 has two 7-watt speakers. How much does the smart, stand-alone music player, air purifier and humidifier with camera and laser detection system cost? 1,500 euros.

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