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Probably out October 24



Final release only after iOS release

Some time ago, it was learned that Apple would not bring iPadOS 16 directly to the launch of iOS 16, but would release it only in October. The launch should take place under version 16.1 at the same time as iOS 16.1 in October, but a date was not yet known. This is still the case, the Apple site continues to speak of “From October”.

But as we are almost halfway through the month, the question arises as to when Apple will be around the corner. It is currently assumed that Apple will introduce new hardware this month. This is supposed to happen without an event, so you’ll probably only issue a few press releases. This could also be used to release iPadOS 16.1 to the public.

Now Mark Gurman is getting involved, who isn’t always right, but sometimes makes assumptions. He assumes that Apple will release the new software on October 24. His guess is based on the fact that Apple has always put out releases in October the week of the earnings call. In this case, it’s October 27, so that might be fine. Let’s see if there’s something to it.

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