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Cast devices can be selected from the native audio output menu



Google distributes Android security bulletin for September 2022

Unfortunately, Google has abandoned its delivery protocol in recent years rather than maintaining it and providing it with innovations. This should change – for a long time – with the Android 13 update and a new version of the Google Cast SDK. Android has long had an output menu for audio control, but it only shows your own device and paired Bluetooth devices. With the update, Google Cast-enabled speakers will also be part of the list of output devices.

If supported by the app, Android 13’s output picker can also display Google Cast devices. Google is also giving app developers proper guidance for this – Android 11 is already available. The Exit switch feature appears again in the latest version of the Google Cast SDK. This allows you to switch the audio output between your own device and external smart speakers more quickly. The option for this should be integrated directly into the system in the future, and the corresponding audio application does not need to be opened for this. This feature now handles media notification directly with playback control and audio output information.

Previously: The output menu for audio devices allows you to switch between connected Bluetooth devices.

As of now, the option hasn’t made it live, but Android expert Mishaal Rahman has manually enabled the feature with a corresponding flag and only got it to work on Android 13. It still seems pretty topical. to errors, so Google would have to do some tweaking before the feature can be enabled.

New: Smart speakers with Google Cast can also be selected directly via the output menu.

Otherwise, Google should pay a little more attention to its delivery protocol. In terms of stability and latency, there are definitely some rough edges to iron out. With better integration into the system, that could be something. You’re welcome to learn a few things from Apple’s AirPlay 2 – but AirPlay can still learn a lot from Cast. I still appreciate the fact that Cast no longer depends on the playback device, but supports streaming independently. Moreover, Cast is widely used in many applications – also for visual content on TV – and can be used on all platforms with iOS and Android devices.

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