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100 movies in IMAX Enhanced are added



100 movies in IMAX Enhanced are added

Rakuten TV, also represented in Germany with its offer on the majority of smart TVs, has something new: 100 films will be added in IMAX Enhanced over the next six months. However, the latter is more of a marketing tag that hasn’t really been clearly defined technically. In the case of Disney+, this means e.g. B. only an extended image format. Rakuten TV also wants to handle it that way.

The press release also mentions the DTS audio format, but no streaming provider actually uses it yet. If you are now wondering if IMAX Enhanced will do anything for Rakuten TV in Germany anyway: Yes, because the mentioned 100 IMAX Enhanced titles are supposed to debut in the following countries/regions: Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain , the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and of course Germany.

Although Rakuten TV is not as popular in Germany with its VOD platform as some other providers, the offer is accessible on most smart TVs. Unfortunately, it’s unclear which films will be delivered in IMAX Enhanced. After all, IMAX Corporation doesn’t license the movies themselves, that’s up to the studios to decide. So let’s wait and see.

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