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This is why fiber is unhealthy for some people – healing practice



Health problems related to dietary fiber?

fiber are known for their beneficial health effects. However, there are people for whom dietary fiber is more associated with negative consequences. Thus, dietary fiber may present symptoms in some individuals inflammatory bowel disease to reinforce.

A new study involving researchers from the University of Alberta has hypothesized that dietary fiber promotes gut inflammation through a specific mechanism in people with inflammatory bowel disease. The results were published in the journal “Gastroenterology“published.

Does fiber reduce or increase inflammation?

Dietary fiber leads to anti-inflammatory effect and also promote the digestion. However, some people with inflammatory bowel disease have been known to experience increased inflammation and symptoms when ingesting certain unfermented fibers.

Typical symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stools, weight loss, delayed puberty and a long-term increased risk of colon cancer, experts report.

We know that consuming fiber is beneficial to health and promotes good gut health in healthy people, but patients with inflammatory bowel disease often complain of discomfort when consuming fiber. fibers.‘ explains the author of the study Heather Armstrong in a Press release.

We wanted to know why 20-40% of patients are susceptible‘” Armstrong continued.

Some fibers can be difficult to ferment

The team has now discovered that certain types of dietary fiber particularly difficult to ferment are so some germs are not present at all or are not working properly. This is the case in people with inflammatory bowel disease.

According to the research group, such dietary fibers can be found, for example, in Artichokes, chicory roots, garlic, asparagus and bananas contain.

Identify people at risk

Experts are already working on the development of a special stool testswhich aims to make it possible to study the microbes in people’s guts to predict which people will experience an adverse reaction when consuming certain dietary fibers.

For those concerned specific dietary recommendations created and treatment could be adjusted, the research team said.

By developing this stool test, we hope to be able to tell you how to adjust your diet to prevent a flare-up of disease or further deterioration.“, underlines the author of the study Professor Eytan Wine.

According to the expert, this is a very dynamic situation. It is therefore possible that certain foods, for example, have a provoke a negative reactionbut again a few months later easily consumed can become. (as)

Author and source information

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