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Crossword Puzzles Can Slow Memory Loss

crossword are, according to a recent study, better adapted to age-related problems memory loss slower than video games. Research suggests that by regularly solving puzzles from a better daily brain performance benefit to.

researchers of Colombia University and the duke university showed that classic crossword puzzles are better at slowing cognitive decline in older people than video games. The results of the study were recently published in the journal “NEJM Evidence“published.

Crossword vs video games

The working group compared two groups of participants with an average age of 71 years. While a group regularly video games played that on that improved memory performance were designed, solved the other group classic crossword.

First study of its kind

“This is the first study to document the short- and long-term benefits of home crossword training versus another intervention”reported Doctor Devanand from Columbia University. His team focused on finding brain aging specialized.

According to him, these results are particularly important because it has so far been difficult to prove the success of certain measures to improve brain performance in the elderly. Solving crossword puzzles is common, but the effect on mild cognitive impairment according to the researchers, has not yet been systematically investigated.

course of the study

All 107 study participants had mild cognitive impairment. They were randomly assigned to one of two groups. A group should 12 weeks regularly solving crossword puzzles while the other group is doing it Memory trained in cognitive video games. Subjects were then followed for up to 78 weeks.

Study results

All participants were after 12 and 78 weeks after the so-called Alzheimer’s Disease Rating Scale tested. This is a brief neuropsychological assessment used to assess the severity of cognitive symptoms of dementia is used. People who do well on this test tend to do better on theirs. coping with everyday life independently.

As the results show, participants in the crossword puzzle group performed better on average on the test than test subjects in the video game group after 12 and 78 weeks.

Additionally, an MRI was performed on all participants after 78 weeks, which showed that the aging associated brain shrinkage progresses more slowly in the crossword puzzle group than in the video game group.

A clinically significant effect

“Benefits were evident not only in cognition but also in activities of daily living, with evidence of brain shrinkage on MRI suggesting the effects are clinically significant.”summarizes Dr. Devanand.

Results need to be verified in more people

Although these results are very encouraging, the scientists involved point out that this is a very small study acts. The results should first be verified in a larger cohort. (vb)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the specifications of the specialized medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been verified by health professionals.


Graduate editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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