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Launch of Thunderbird 102.4.2



Mozilla Thunderbird: version 102.2.0 has arrived

Thunderbird email client is now available in new version 102.4.2. You can either download the new version directly for fresh installation or, of course, start an upgrade within the program if you go to “About Thunderbird”. The app then checks if an update is available. Thunderbird 102.4.2 focuses on bug fixes.

The behavior of the address book has also been adjusted: the button in your central account management now creates a standard CardDAV address book instead of a local alternative. In addition, many bugs have been fixed. This includes a bug that z. B. Caused Thunderbird to locally redownload deleted messages from a POP server if you also chose to keep them on the server until you delete them.

Another bug could cause multiple password prompts to appear on POP accounts. You can read all the tweaks in the release notes linked above. Hope you enjoy Thunderbird 102.4.2!

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