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New Sims Packs Make The Sims 4 More Chaotic And Realistic With Neat Trinkets



New Sims Packs Make The Sims 4 More Chaotic And Realistic With Neat Trinkets

With the new update, your Sims’ hobbies will be even more visible.

Although the successor, Project Rene, is already in development, The Sims 4 is by no means overlooked. After the base game recently became completely free for all platforms, the life sim continues to be updated regularly. Two small new sets will be released on November 10, which will enhance the game, especially visually.

More clutter is always good

One of the two sets is the odds and ends set. This may seem quite unnecessary at first, but it will ensure more individuality and a wealth of detail in your Sims’ apartments. The set contains small hobby and everyday items that better reflect your characters’ interests.

Here is what your Sims’ house could soon look like:

A coffee-addicted Sim, for example, will soon have used coffee mugs lying around, but stacks of magazines and books as well as makeup utensils and jewelry boxes are also included in the set. For the analog gamers among your Sims, there are even board games to start with. So these are all small objects that make the living environment of your Sims a little more authentic and underline their character.

Pastel always works

The second new set is called Pasell Pop Set. It actually does exactly what the title promises. You’ll get new pastel patterns, irregular shapes, vintage accents and more. This set was created in collaboration with community member and Sims Pro Jesse “Plumbella” McNamara. He even gave an interview about his design thoughts, which you can find on EA’s website for The Sims 4.

The photo gives you an overview of what the set offers you:

Are you now curious? Then you get the two sets of the November 10 around 7 p.m. for the platform of your choice i.e. Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Unfortunately, you can’t get by without investing some money, both sets are available for €4.99 each.

Do you like little bric-a-brac and pastel tones? Write it to us in the comments.

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