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Pro version now also as annual subscription



Pro version now also as annual subscription

We introduced the Niagara Launcher, an Android launcher, in 2018. A lot has happened over the years, but the biggest innovations are now waiting. Not all smartphones have Google Play and Google Play services. This has always been a big problem, according to the developers, since Niagara Pro was only distributed via Google Play, which made Niagara Pro inaccessible to many user groups: Chinese users do not have Google Play services on their devices, nor Huawei phones. .

Another part of the community intentionally locks itself out of the Google ecosystem and uses privacy-focused custom ROMs without Google Play services like CalyxOS.

Long story short: you can now purchase and use the launcher without Google Play. But there will also be a price change. Starting December 1, 2022, Niagara Pro will cost $9.99 per year for new customers. If users purchased Niagara Pro before this date, nothing will change for them. Current subscriptions started before December 1 are not affected and will be renewed at their current rates. The lifetime price will also be adjusted accordingly.

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