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Are you sticking with Sky despite the price increase?



Are you sticking with Sky despite the price increase?

Caschy had already brought you the bad news: Sky Germany is raising prices for existing customers. The reasoning ? Well, like so many other companies right now, Sky is pointing the finger at economics, rising licensing costs and technology. That’s why you have no choice but to raise the prices. Of course, you have a free choice: stay with us or cancel? And that’s exactly what the November 2022 monthly survey is about here on the blog: are you sticking with Sky?

By the way, the amount of the price increase is individual and depends on the booked package as well as the discounts you have already been able to obtain. Sky Germany is already shaken: During the corona pandemic many customers were lost, up to 300,000 would have been. The reason for this is that the pay TV provider could hardly broadcast sporting events due to the circumstances – and the sports rights are the decisive factor for many subscribers in the first place. In the meantime, Sky has had to relinquish in whole or in part many rights to the competition, particularly in football. And some sports fans wonder if subscribing to Sky really pays off in the long run.

Because the prices are going up anyway: food is getting more expensive and we have a kind of energy crisis there. Additionally, there is an increasingly proliferating thicket of streaming providers such as Apple TV+, which has also become more expensive, Disney+, Peacock, Paramount+ and more. And when the going gets tough, most people would rather cancel their streaming or pay-TV subscription than be left behind or unable to afford basic necessities.

After all: Sky continues to offer exclusively in the first broadcast z. B. HBO’s series like “House of the Dragon” and also attracts every month with its Sky Originals. And the WOW home streaming offer should also whet viewers’ appetites. But the successes are so far moderate: the current owner of Sky Germany, Comcast, is even supposed to verify the sale. So uncertain future prospects?

You shouldn’t go that far just yet, but a lot depends on Sky’s ability to maintain its subscriber numbers. Therefore, there are also reasons why a price increase is imposed on existing customers, but not yet applied to new customers. However, this could only annoy loyal subscribers even more and begs the question: are you sticking with Sky despite the price increase?

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