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Cinnamon lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels – healing practice



Cinnamon Offers These Health Benefits

Cinnamon not only can improve the taste of meals, but also has a variety of beneficial health effects. For example, cinnamon lowers blood pressure and total cholesterol and also protects against heart disease.

A great deal of research has looked at the health effects of cinnamon, with clear positive effects, especially on blood pressure, cholesterol levels, metabolism, and cardiovascular health.

Effects of cinnamon on blood pressure

Thus, a team made up of professionals from the University of Adelaide in Australia, for example, is studying how a Cinnamon supplementation on blood pressure adult humans, taking into account both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

To this end, the researchers analyzed previous relevant studies published up to June 2019 and dealing with the effects of a oral cinnamon supplementation on one of the blood pressure parameters. The results can be found in the journal “Critical journals in food science and nutrition“to be read.

Significant reduction in systolic blood pressure

Experts have found that supplementing cinnamon with a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure was connected and at the same time also the diastolic blood pressure reduced. It seemed sufficient if the cinnamon was taken in small doses.

The researchers conclude that it is possible to take cinnamon to supplement the treatment of high blood pressure.

Effects of cinnamon on metabolic diseases

A study from last year analyzed whether cinnamon had any beneficial effects on people with metabolic diseases A. Overall, the team, with the participation of researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences selected 35 previous studies that were identified through an extensive literature search.

The results are also published in the English-language journal “Critical journals in food science and nutrition“ released and show various positive effects.

Here’s how cinnamon reduces that total cholesterol significant and also the values ​​of Triglycerides are reducedwhich is associated with a reduced risk of hardening of the arteries.

In addition, the consumption of cinnamon led to a reduction in the so-called Low density lipoprotein cholesterol (“unhealthy” cholesterol), blood sugarof serum insulin and helped lose weight around the waist, the team reports. A dose of less than 1.5 grams of cinnamon was enough for many of these effects.

In addition, cinnamon supplementation also has a beneficial effect on High density lipoprotein cholesterol (“healthy” cholesterol) and systolic and diastolic blood pressure indicated by people with metabolic diseases.

In summary, the results of this meta-analysis show that cinnamon has positive effects on various people with existing metabolic diseases. cardiometabolic risk factors may have, summarizes the research team.

Cinnamon protects against heart disease

Also the specialists Cleveland Clinic in the United States have already looked into the health benefits of cinnamon, with the nutritionist Candace O’Neill the protective effect against heart disease particularly highlighted.

This protective effect is due to the antioxidant compounds it contains (cinnamaldehyde), known for their anti-inflammatory effects.

Lower blood sugar levels with cinnamon

According to O’Neill, taking cinnamon supplements daily for 40 days can also significant and lasting reduction in blood sugar activate and Cholesterol and triglyceride levels reduce. Daily consumption of cinnamon is also associated with a statistically significant reduction in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol connected, confirms O’Neill.

Another benefit of cinnamon is that the spice increases the absorption of added sugar in the diet can reduce what people may even have at a weightloss Support.

However, the nutritionist warns that excessive consumption of cinnamon due to the coumarin contained liver damage threaten. However, to get the positive effects, only a very small dose per day is needed. (as)

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