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Global PC and tablet sales continue to decline



Bottlenecks drive 18% drop in PC shipments in Western Europe

According to the latest figures from Canalys, the third quarter of this year saw the fifth consecutive decline in the global PC market (including tablets). Of course, a comparison was made here with the previous year. In total, only 105.6 million devices were shipped in the mentioned quarter, a decrease of 14% compared to the same period of the previous year. Global demand remains weak due to the political and economic situation, including for tablets. Here, the number of shipments fell by 6% to 35.3 million devices, and in the case of Chromebooks by 29% to 4.2 million devices.

In tablets, Apple continued to lead the market, even as iPad shipments fell 6% year-over-year to 14.4 million units. Samsung is in second place with sales of 6.6 million devices and an 8% decline. Amazon’s Fire tablets took the company to number 3, with 3.2 million devices shipped, an increase of 18%. The reason for this is Prime Day, when Fire gear is often offered at a discount.

Lenovo and Huawei ranked fourth and fifth, with the two vendors recording significant declines of 37% and 41%, respectively.

When it comes to Chromebook shipments, Acer is expected to remain the market leader, posting 11% growth. HP secured second place with a 27% drop to 800,000 devices. Lenovo posted the biggest decline of any major vendor, down 50%, as the company struggles with high inventory levels and changes its education portfolio to include more Windows devices. Dell saw shipments drop 11%. Asus ranked fifth in the market with a market share of 9.6%.

And then there’s the PC market, which Apple also leads with 23.4 million units shipped worldwide and a 22% market share. It should be noted with the figures mentioned that not only desktop computers, but also laptops and tablets are included in the calculation. With 19.4 million devices shipped and an 18% market share, Lenovo ranked second, down 21% year-over-year.

HP ranked third with a 28% drop in shipments to 12.7 million units and a two percentage point loss in market share from the year-ago quarter. Dell shipped 12 million in total, down 21%. Samsung had 7.3 million devices, down 13%.

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