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Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date and More!



Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date

If you like the docudrama series, you should check out Moonshiners on the Discovery Channel. Produced by Magilla Entertainment, the show has gained a lot of fans in recent years. The series features the backcountry tinkerers and distillers who produce some of the finest spirits. Season 12 is about to release soon and now fans want to know more about season 13. Read on to know everything you need about the thirteenth season of this highly rated series.

Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date

Discovery Channel’s most anticipated and exciting series is finally back with a new season. And fans can’t keep calm. Moonshiners Season 12 is set to release on November 9, 2022. The series has been a hit with fans and critics thanks to its unique plot concept. The first episode of Season 12 will air on the Discovery Channel at 8 p.m. ET/PT. However, the officials haven’t made any announcement regarding the release date of season 13.

Don’t worry, since Season 12 was released so quickly after Season 11 ended in April 2022, we can expect the same to happen for Season 13. Fans can expect this. that season 13 drops in 2023. However, as no official announcement is made, let’s not get into speculation. If you haven’t watched previous seasons of Moonshiners, check them out before season 12 comes out.

show name Moonshiners
season number Season 13
Gender Documentary
Moonshiners Season 1 Release Date December 6, 2011
Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date Not announced yet
Moonshiners Season 13 Preview


Moonshiners Season 13 Story

Moonshiners Season 13 has yet to be announced. But we can expect the storyline to follow the same lines as the previous seasons.

The story of Moonshiners is very unique and interesting. Since season 12 is going to release soon, we have some information about the storyline of the twelfth season. Season 13 could continue with this storyline when released.
Moonshiners Season 12 is more intense as the difficulties and dangers increase for the moonshiners. They also face inflation and supply chain disruptions in Appalachia. So how are they going to overcome this? They must look back to their heritage and the experience of ancient moonshiners to find new, inventive ways to distill moonshine.

Richard, the smuggler from Louisiana, moves his business to Tennessee in hopes of making more profit. Uncertainty hits Virginia miners Tickle and Henry as their partner Josh surrenders to avoid being caught by the law. They must now find a new location for their thousand-gallon still.

Moonshiners Season 13 Cast

Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date

The show’s favorite characters will be in the spotlight again in season 12. This time around, Tennessee minnows Mark and Digger face a lot more trouble in the form of determined police officers. Meanwhile, innovators Mike and Jerry recruit a new face, Solomon Sutton. He is none other than the son of legendary moonshiner Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton.

The series focuses on American outlaws who live their lives in the shadows and craft moonshine, a type of alcohol. So there is no cast list set for Moonshiners. Season 13 has yet to be announced, so casting information is also not available. However, fans can expect the cast list from previous seasons to return for Season 13 as well.

Several moonshiners are featured in the show. This includes Tim, Tickle, Jeff, Mark, Lance, Jim Tom, Josh, Bill, Howard and many more. Deputy Officer Chuck and Law Enforcement Officer Jesse are also on the show. New actors can also be added in the new season.

Moonshiners Season 13 Trailer

A trailer for Moonshiners Season 13 is not available at this time. Season 13 has yet to be announced. But fans can watch the season 12 trailer online on YouTube. The new season is expected to release soon in November. You should definitely check out the online trailer for an exciting preview of the series.

Where to Watch Moonshiners Season 13 Online?

Moonshiners has aired on the Discovery Channel since 2011. To date, a total of 237 episodes have aired. The excitement surrounding this series is huge and fans love watching the untold stories of the moonshiners. If you want to watch the series, you can get all previous episodes online at the official Discovery Channel website. Season 13 is not out yet, so it is not available online. But once it’s released, fans can expect to find it on Discovery+ as well. Select seasons of Moonshiners are also available on Amazon Prime Video and just look.


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