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Potential Health Risks of Glass Fragments – Healing Practice



Recall for spread due to foreign bodies

erdbär GmbH has a recall for the Naughty Friends product”hazelnut butter Dates, bananas and cocoa” in jars of 180 grams. According to the Berlin company, it cannot be ruled out that the candy spread there is broken glass. food that foreign body may contain should in principle not be consumed.

According to a statement published by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on its portal “foodwarning.deerdbär GmbH from Berlin is recalling the Cheeky Friends Hazelnut Butter Date, Banana & Cocoa spread in a 180 gram jar.

Glass fragments of different sizes

This is affected by the callback vegan product “Cheeky Friends Hazelnut Butter Date, Banana & Cocoa” in a 180 gram jar, batch number: L 41934, with expiry date (MHD) 06/27/2024.

According to information, as part of quality assurance measures, it was found that a jar of Freche Freunde hazelnut butter dates, bananas & cocoa broken glass were of different sizes.

The company writes that it cannot be excluded that other glasses from this batch are affected. There is therefore a potential health hazardwhich prompted the company to recall Freche Freunde Organic Hazelnut Butter Date, Banana & Cocoa 180g with item number 528419 (batch: L 41934, expiration date: 06/27/2024).

Products with different expiration dates or products with different lot numbers are currently unaffectedit’s written there.

Do not consume product

Foods that may contain shards of glass or other foreign objects should always be don’t eat anymore will be. Because the consumption of such products can lead to serious injuries to the mouth and throat or internal injuries.

The Berlin-based company is also asking customers to stop consuming the recalled product and put it in stores instead. household waste dispose.

Alternatively, the purchased item can be returned with the indicated expiry date and the indicated batch number against reimbursement of the purchase price be returned to the place of purchase without presenting the receipt. (ad)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the requirements of the specialized medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been verified by health professionals.


  • Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety: Details on food warnings, (accessed on: November 5, 2022),

Important Note:
This article contains general advice only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It cannot substitute a visit to the doctor.

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