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Precision analgesics could revolutionize the treatment of chronic pain – Heilpraxis



Benefits of Precision Painkillers

The development of so-called precision painkillers could transform the lives of millions of chronic pain sufferers. Professor Trent Munro from Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) explains the development status of these drugs and the benefits they bring with them.

According to the doctor, a spin-off company is working the University of Queensland (UQ) is currently working to develop precision painkillers that work more precisely and are less harmful to the liver. Significant progress has clearly already been made.

Fewer side effects in pain management

This type of targeted therapy reduces potential side effects and safety issues associated with current pain treatments and also means fewer doses are needed.“, has explained Professor Munro the benefits of precision painkillers.

These drugs could be used to treat debilitating and chronic pain conditions are used, which occur, for example, in cancer, sciatica, postherpetic neuralgia, peripheral nerve damage and osteoarthritis, explains Munro in a Press release the University of Queensland.

Neuropathic pain is common

Currently, according to the expert up to ten percent of the adult population affected by neuropathic pain and many patients have it processing problems.

Because the drugs available today often do not have the desired effect and also carry a considerable risk of side effects, which also includes the risk of addiction, Munro explains. New precision painkillers could bring significant improvements to millions of people around the world.

New drug could prevent liver toxicity

Cassowary Pharma’s current approach, the University of Queensland spin-off, is based on a molecule that experts believe plays an important role in the human body’s perception of pain, according to Professor Munro.

Over the next 18 months, it is planned to Recruit participants for clinical trials, in order to then further promote the marketing of the drug. Such a drug can work very precisely and therefore also the liver toxicity hinder. At the same time, it could Reduce overall drug exposurehopes Professor Munro.

I am always pleased with the recognition of the innovative research achievements of UQ institutes, faculties and schools, which are translated into practice“, added Doctor Dean Moss of the University of Queensland. (as)

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  • University of Queensland: UQ is launching a revolution in chronic pain management (published 04.11.2022), University of Queensland

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