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Razer Enki Pro review



Razer Enki Pro review

Here in the house, we sit and work a lot at the desk, but we also play a game or two. Years ago the industry checked how things were going – and as a result, gaming chairs can now be found on every corner and in all price ranges. Many of these chairs have people arguing. Because what about ergonomics? Are you comfortably seated? What’s installed and what’s not? The truth is that there is a lot of bric-a-brac – but also a lot of gaming chairs that meet the ergonomic requirements of the office and are therefore “just” pimped office chairs.

In fact, I’ve been sitting really well the last few weeks, so much in advance. I’m currently trying out the Razer Enki Pro. Razer says people up to 300 pounds can sit in the chair and enjoy seated comfort all day – so you should be able to large audience reach.

Heights of 1.66 to 2.04 meters are recommended. Razer uses a mix of synthetic leather (EPU) and Alcantara for the padding, while the base is aluminum and the frame is steel. Razer installs a padded backrest with a 152° adjustment angle in the Enki Pro. Razer offers a 3-year warranty on the mechanism and moving parts (no wear). So, at around 95 kilos, I’m adjusting to the chair very well.

According to Razer, the Enki Pro has successfully passed testing standards such as BIFMA X5.1 and EN 1335-1. Things that are definitely worth mentioning, as this is where office chairs are tested according to specified methods. The Enki Pro is basically an office chair with a gaming design. I tested the black and green version, in my opinion the chair can still be called unobtrusive and fortunately it does not have LED lighting, which is now popular. Priced around 1,100 euros, I’m afraid the mix of synthetic leather (EPU) and Alcantara won’t hold up. In these price regions you get real leather.

After the first try, it was time to set it up. After adjusting the seat height for a right-angle knee position and securing the backrest, as well as optimizing the height and distance of the 4D armrests from the seat, I was initially unimpressed. But it soon calmed down. In fact, for years I sat on a cheap solution without a high back. You have to get used to it first. Luckily the seat doesn’t let me sink down, but it’s not hard either, it’s really very comfortable.

Which should of course be a prerequisite at this price: an integrated lumbar support that relieves the spine. After only a few days, I felt that I had changed my sitting position. No, I had no problem before, but I was sitting in front of the computer quite slouched, which is no longer the case.

The armrests were actually useful, which not only can be adjusted in height, but they can also be folded inwards or outwards horizontally, ie at an angle, which gives me an ideal armrest when typing.

The included pillow, which can be used as a headrest, is also worth mentioning. It works like a magnet, but could not bring me any added value in everyday office life – quite the contrary. It pushed my head forward so annoyingly that I was sitting in an unacceptable position. The pillow only creates added value if you take a very cold position and lean back extremely. Then the head and neck are actually supported, so you can watch a TV or monitor effortlessly.

A recommendation? Hard to say. As for the Alcantara, I’m a little afraid that in a few years it won’t look as good as it does today. Leather is only a “grateful” reference. And while this gaming chair covers much of what a good office chair also covers: pricing in this industry is sometimes not so clear cut. For 700 euros, for example, there are already solutions from Interstuhl – the Backforce – if you want to stay in the gaming corner. Or there is also Herman Miller for almost the same price, and André uses the Embody there.

Other than that: get up, don’t sit all the time, stretch and move. I know it can be annoying, but you have to educate yourself and “force” yourself every day. I can not help myself.

In chips:

  • still subtle optics
  • smooth wheels
  • smooth running
  • also for people with heavier weight
  • Can be tested for 14 days
  • no leather
  • No adjustable lumbar support
  • Few body-fitting options
  • Only 3 years warranty

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