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Season 2 starts in December



Season 2 starts in December

Darts legend Eddie Frotzke returns: After the first season, all fans of “The Wasp” can look forward to more insane episodes of the comedy series. “Die Wasp” with round 2 can be seen from December 15, 2022 on Sky and streaming with WOW. A third season is already scheduled for 2023 on Sky.

The main roles are again played by Florian Lukas (“Good Bye, Lenin!”, “Der Überlaufer”) as Eddie “Die Wasp” Frotzke and Lisa Wagner (“Kommissarin Heller”, “Weissensee”), known for their performance as Manu Frotzke in the first season received the German Actor Award in the category “comic role”. Leonard Scheicher (“The Billion DollarCode”, “Das Boot”) also returns as Kevin. Other roles include Meret Becker (“Tatort”), Aleksandar Jovanovic (“Souls”), Peter Lohmeyer (“The Miracle of Bern”), Katia Fellin (“The Palace”) and Henry Morales (“Song of Orpheus” ) see.

The scripts are again by Jan Berger (“The Medic”, “I’ve Never Been to New York”), the second season is directed by Tobi Baumann (“Pastewka”, “Faking Hitler”). The producers are Andreas Bareiss and Sabine de Mardt. Sky’s executive producer is again Quirin Schmidt.

About The Wasp:
Shock! Eddie (Florian Lukas) is in jail. As his wife Manu (Lisa Wagner) continues to try to establish herself on the darts scene, he struggles for emotional survival in prison. But then he strikes a deal with the law: Eddie is released early for good behavior, but he must stay away from darts in any form until the end of the probationary period.

While Manu advances his career, Eddie illegally hangs around the Berlin area at illegal darts tournaments. But his probation officer Bärbel (Meret Becker) is just waiting to catch him when he takes a misstep. With his old friend Kevin (Leonard Scheicher), Eddie first earns a lot of money during tournaments. But then debt collectors Udo (Peter Lohmeyer) and Raul (Henry Morales) set a trap for them and suddenly Eddie and Kevin owe the gambling mafia 50,000 euros. Of course, Manu and Bärbel must have known nothing about this, because Eddie had actually promised Manu never to lie to him again. And Eddie doesn’t want to go back to the den either.

But it happens as it should: Bärbel and Manu catch Eddie red-handed and he must return to prison, while Manu’s career reaches unknown heights with the support of his mental coach Ansgar (Aleksander Jovanovic). But Eddie isn’t giving up. Free again, the Wasp regains his will to live and tries to get revenge on Ansgar during a big darts tournament to condemn him to cheat at bets. He still has no idea that Manu and Jolanda Belidorn (Katja Fellin) have also discovered Ansgar’s secret and are pursuing their own plans.

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