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The Last of Us board game is set to bring Joel, Ellie and Co. to your living room table



The Last of Us Part 1 video shows how close the game's locations are to reality

Look Ellie, here we are like a board game!

On January 16, the HBO series The Last of Us will also debut in Germany. Now the only question is, what are we going to do until then if we’ve already got platinum everywhere and also beaten the highest difficulty level? An announced Kickstarte campaign could possibly help with this.

Discover the world of The Last of Us on a set soon

You read that right, Themeborne now has the board game The Last of Us: Escape the Darkness announcement. The board game for the popular gaming hit is initially to be funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on November 8 departures.

Themeborne is already experienced when it comes to analog gaming, having made a name for itself on the scene with its Escape the Dark series. In doing so, they pursue the “theme first” strategy, so they focus particularly on the respective setting.

They also assure us fans of The Last of Us that their board game will stay true to the pattern, both in terms of world and story.

Here are the images that have been released so far:

This is how the game works

Themeborne describes the board game as a cooperative experience in which 1-5 players can take on the role of one of the following characters:

  • ellie
  • Joel
  • Tess
  • tommy
  • marlene
  • Invoice

They also emphasize that the game should create unique stories for players. The adventures will take place on an open world map.

Not the first announced board game in the series

We already told you about a board game for The Last of Us in 2020, but unfortunately that’s the only thing there is to say about it. There is no further information on this subject at this time.

It’s also unclear whether the two announced games are related or even merged into one. Maybe we’ll find out more when the Kickstarter campaign launches next week.

In general, board games to popular video games are no longer an exception, but rather a trend. There are also analogue versions of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Cyberpunk 2077 and more recently Elden Ring.

And you there? Do you ever put the controller aside for a board game?

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