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What Makes Fruit Unhealthy – Heilpraxis



This is how fruits lose their healthy properties

fruit should not be missing in a healthy diet. In current nutritional recommendations, five servings of fruit or vegetables recommended per day. However, not all types of fruit consumption are beneficial to health. A nutritionist gives four examples of how fruits lose most of their benefits.

Beth Czerwony is a nutritionist at the famous Cleveland Clinic in Ohio (USA). In a recent article, the expert explains that many common ways of eating fruit can negate the health benefits of fruit. In particular the processing method plays a crucial role in this context.

Processed fruits often contain added sugar

fruit is full vitamins and nutrientsbut is also rich in natural elements sugar. Fruits can therefore also be considered as “candies of nature”. Many treatment methods are designed to bring out this sweetness even more, pushing the health benefits into the background.

dried fruit

Dried fruit are a popular snack. They are also a sustainable alternative to fresh fruit. dried fruit contains about the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruit. In small quantities, it can even enrich the diet.

The problem to dried fruits according to Czerwony, however, is that the water content of the fruit is lost, which means that the satiating effect faded away. The nutritionist illustrates this with a simple comparison: “Eating 15 grapes strikes you as a greater amount of nutrition than eating 15 raisins.”

Through the drying process, the natural sugars concentrated on a smaller surface of the fruit. When you eat dried fruits, large amounts of sugar quickly enter the body. To make matters worse, many dried fruit products are still sweeter will be.

“This means we have to be careful when we eat dried fruit”, underlines Czerwony. Otherwise, it could easily happen that portion sizes are underestimated and too much sugar is consumed.

canned fruit

Eating canned pickled peaches or tangerines for dessert is popular, easy, and common. However, the fruits are often in Sugar Syrup pickled to make the fruit longer lasting and sweeter.

sugar and corn syrup are cheap ways to make food tastier. However, regular consumption of these sweeteners is increased risk of disease associated, for example, with type 2 diabetes and obesity. The nutritionist therefore recommends making sure when buying canned fruit that the fruit No added sugar have been inserted.

fruit juice

Simply drinking the juice from the fruit instead of eating the whole fruit seems like a sensible alternative at first. But even in 100% fruit juice the sugar content is extremely high and comparable to sweet lemonade. Additionally, when compressing, much of the important fiber lost.

Already a drink fresh squeezed orange juice contains approx. 23 grams of sugar and is therefore not far from the maximum daily amount of sugar that American Heart Association is recommended.

For more information, see Diet: How healthy are fruit juices?.

frozen fruit

frozen fruit are the healthier alternative to fresh fruit, but caution is advised here too. “It’s not uncommon for it to be coated in sugar to give it a better taste”, reports Czerwony. Therefore, when buying frozen fruits, you should also check the packaging to see if sugar has been added or not.

Choose fresh fruit whenever possible

Dried, pickled, or frozen fruits and juices can be a useful dietary supplement in small amounts and without added sugar. But fresh fruit “always the best choice”, underlines Czerwony. According to her, it is necessary “Know what you’re eating and watch portion sizes”. (vb)

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Graduate editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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