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When is a remake worth it for you?



When is a remake worth it for you?

It’s not just Ellie and Isaac who know about remakes.

The Last of Us Part 1, Silent Hill 2, Dead Space or now also The Witcher 1 – remakes have long been the norm and it’s impossible to imagine the gaming world without them. However, in our eyes, they sometimes make more and sometimes less sense. In the case of The Witcher 1, that certainly makes sense – as fellow colleague Tobi also explains – but with The Last of Us Part 1 we didn’t wonder if it was too soon (although Sony explains his decision).

Anyway, remakes are still on the agenda of development studios and publishers, especially for financial reasons. Generally, this is not only a good thing for them, but also for us players. After all, fans and newcomers alike have the opportunity to experience an older game with modern technology, improved gameplay, and other extras.

However, remakes don’t always get to the heart of the original, and the nostalgia factor shouldn’t be underestimated either. Remakes are therefore quite a controversial issue. Therefore, we want to capture the mood and hear your opinion:

Tobi tells you in his preview how the upcoming Dead Space Remake is going so far:

Dead Space Remake played: Surprisingly fresh and spooky as usual


more on the subject

Dead Space Remake played: Surprisingly fresh and spooky as usual

Remake vs. Remaster: In order to avoid any risk of confusion here, we would like to briefly distinguish the term remake from remaster. While a remaster is primarily just a technically polished game (usually an HD makeover), remakes are developed from the ground up and the gameplay is also generously revised in places.

You are also welcome to write us your opinion in more detail in the comments. Do you have examples of particularly successful and significant remakes, or perhaps the reverse? What other remakes would you like to see?

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