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A venture capital fund for tech start-ups starts in 2023



Mozilla study on the browser market: competition is now severely restricted

Mozilla announced the opening of Mozilla Ventures, a venture capital fund for early-stage startups (from seed stage to Series A funding rounds), which aims to advance the field of technological investments in particular. “Changing from scratch” even says in the press email. The goal is to promote companies that are not concerned with profit, but above all with people.

According to Mozilla, the products/technologies of the supported start-ups should promote at least one or even better several of the values ​​formulated in the Mozilla Manifesto, such as data protection, inclusion, transparency and human dignity.

A first sum of 35 million US dollars is already available. Three start-ups have already been named which will be supported with this sum to protect privacy, ensure the decentralization of digital power and develop more reliable AI:

  • Secure AI Labs (SAIL) — SAIL uses advanced security and artificial intelligence technology to protect patient data and foster medical collaboration. To this end, a platform must be developed that allows faster and as secure access to data as possible, which at the same time advances research and innovation in the field of bioinformatics. This should make possible a future with better health care for all.
  • Block Party – Block Party is a social media safety app specially designed for cyberbullying cases. With the help of this app, people who are regularly harassed online can safely participate in publicly visible discussions on social media by setting their own limits on specific content.
  • Hey Login — Hey Login is a swipe-to-login password management solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Hey Login allows businesses to manage both shared passwords and individual accounts; costs are calculated per user.

The fund should then be launched in early 2023. The whole will be managed by managing partner Mohamed Nanabhay. The Lucid Capitalism team (risk and ESG experts) will also provide support.

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