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Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) in review



New Apple TV 4K (2022) presented, it's inside

Apple introduced a new Apple TV 4K in October 2022. Strictly speaking, there are two models. If you’re watching the Apple TV 4K (2022 model) with only WLAN, you might call it a downgrade – depending on your perspective. Let’s start. The “small” Apple TV 4K (2022 model) only has WiFi and 64 GB of memory.

The other model has WiFi + Gigabit Ethernet and 128 GB of memory. The cases are a little smaller than their predecessors, but the cases weigh only half – just over 200 grams, which does without a fan. I know – many will now be wondering, “What, the old Apple TV has a fan?” Because: you’ve never heard of it anyway.

What’s new? The Siri Remote has USB-C, previously it was Lightning. I took the new model with a LAN port because I was already using the predecessor and therefore still wanted a thread edge router. So think about it: only the model with an Ethernet connection can also be used as a wire border router. The predecessor can do this, but the new 64GB model cannot.

The performance of the Apple TV 4K (3rd Gen) is fantastic, with no comparison to Fire TV devices that are maybe 2-3 years old (exception: the “old” Cube). But: even my old Apple TV 4K, which is a bit older (built in 2017), still works perfectly. You glide smoothly across the surface, then get lost in your applications.

With a corresponding subscription, playing in Apple Arcade is also fun, game controllers are no longer a problem. True console feeling may not arise with me at this time. Yes, the selection is nice, but my choice of game would be Xbox or Switch, even the son of the house prefers Arcade over iPad. But: it’s also easy to do on the Apple TV.

The great strength has already been identified, performance. Actually very important for me because we don’t have any other players left. We only use streaming services via Apple TV. If that’s the only reason you think you might want to buy a new model: you don’t have to, the direct predecessor has a ‘slower’ chip, but it’s still extremely solid.

Apple has also adapted the remote control. It is now equipped with a USB-C connection, until now you used Lightning.

Well, watching content hasn’t fundamentally changed for me either. However, if you have an HDR10+ compatible TV, you can also take advantage of this standard with the new Apple TV 2022. Otherwise, Dolby Vision and of course HDR10 are also included. Basically simplified, technologies expand the dynamic range of the picture if the TV supports it

The new Apple TV 4K will soon support QMS VRR. This means that automatic frame rate switching can take place without frame loss, as has already happened with the 2nd generation Apple TV 4K. If you z. B. watch trailers from a streaming service or Blu-ray, some may be 24Hz, 50Hz or 60Hz. Prior to HDMI 2.1a with QMS, whenever a trailer with a different frame rate was selected, either the frames had to be repeated at a certain frame rate to compensate for the frame rate difference, resulting in motion jitter , or the entire system would have the output clock change and resynchronize when the frame rate changes, causing A/V power to drop out.

However, your TV must also be ready for this function and have HDMI 2.1a. And the first models supporting this feature shouldn’t appear until 2023. And if you’re still looking for something outside of media, to maybe get yourself an Apple TV as a newcomer: If you use Apple Fitness+, you you can also do it very well on the big screen.

Soon Apple TV will also recognize its users, who will then ensure that each user receives personalized recommendations – and that the appropriate profile is selected. Note: I was using tvOS 16.2 beta at the time of my testing.

I also find the HomeKit hub and thread edge router feature handy, although it’s not fundamentally new, but worth mentioning for newcomers. For example, it is also possible for me to see my cameras, even if someone rings the doorbell, I get the image from the camera. This even with a video ring doorbell that I integrated with HomeKit via Scrypted. People Recognition even works through my iCloud Photo Library, so I can see when known people ring the doorbell.

For newcomers, I think the Apple TV is a good buy because the new model is cheaper than its predecessor. But you have to keep in mind that the 2022 Apple TV is still more expensive than anything coming from Roku or a Fire TV Stick. A price difference that I am ready to pay in the long term.

Ultimately, you have to watch – if you have Apple devices at home anyway, you’ll feel good. However, if you only want to stream, it doesn’t have to be the latest generation of the Apple TV 4K. The second generation is good enough for that and even the first 4K edition works well. Anyone who already owns an Apple TV 4K doesn’t have to switch immediately. Apple’s tvOS is the best TV operating system in my opinion, with access to a good catalog of apps and a growing number of games (mostly via Apple Arcade) that gamers can play with Xbox controllers and PlayStation, among others. If you already have HomePods, you can even use them as a home theater system.

Users of the Apple cosmos have the best reasons to use such a box: SharePlay, Siri control with AirPods, audio sharing, possibility of using iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch as a remote control. AirPlay, HomeKit, Apple Photos, Apple Music and Apple Fitness+.

With a price of 169 euros for the entry-level version with 64 GB of memory and 189 euros for 128 GB of memory and LAN connection, the third generation is almost 30 euros cheaper than the previous devices. The 20 euros for the device with 128 GB is a good investment, but there is the LAN connection, the aforementioned additional memory and the wire support – which is certainly not entirely unimportant for many in the house smart.

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