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Are you excited about the Zootopia+ Season 2 release date announcement?



Zootopia+ Season 2 Release Date

An iconic animated film about anthropomorphic animals, Zootopia gets its TV series. The first season is about to release in November and the fans can’t keep calm. So let’s take a look at all the details of season two.

Zootopia + Season 2 Release Date

Do you remember the 2016 hit animated movie Zootopia? Well, all of the fan’s prayers have been answered. On November 9, 2022, the new season of Zootopia+ will be released. You guessed right. This series is a spin-off of the hit original film. Even though a sequel to the movie was not announced, fans were eager for something. And now they finally have a movie. But what about the second season?

Well, it would be too much of a stretch to think of a second season already. Disney has just announced the release date for the first season and so far there has been no announcement regarding the second season. There are many factors that the release date of the second season would depend on. Like the success of the first one at the box office, the quality of the reception by the fans, what the critics have to say and also the script. But since this is only the first season, it can be expected that the creators of the show have decided to make a second season. It remains to be seen when Season 2 of Zootopia+ will be released.

show name Zootopia+
Season number Season 2
Gender Action-Comedy
Zootopia+ Season 1 Release Date November 9, 2022
Zootopia + Season 2 Release Date Not announced yet
Zootopia+ Season 2 Preview


Zootopia+ Season 2 Story

There has been no news of Zootopia+ season two but let’s take a look at the first season. Each episode of the series will focus on a particular character from the Zootopia movie. There will be six episodes in the first season. And some of the episodes and their storyline have been revealed.

“The Real Rodents of Rodentia” will feature Mr. Big’s daughter, Fru Fru. Other episodes include “Hopp on Board” featuring Judy’s parents; “The Godfather of the Bride” which is a tribute to gangsters featuring Mr. Big; “Duke the Musical”, with Duke Weaselton; and “So You Think You Can Prance” will feature Gazelle. Flash and Priscilla also get their own “Dinner Rush” episode.

Zootopia+ Season 2 Characters

Zootopia + Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Zootopia+ has yet to be announced, so there is no cast information available. However, if season two ever happens, we can expect the main cast to return to voice the iconic characters.

Even though the first season of Zootopia+ is going to be released very soon in November, the creators of the show have yet to release the cast list to keep the excitement level high. In the movie Zootopia, the main characters were Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. We all loved the iconic rabbit and fox duo. Ginnifer Goodwin voiced the upbeat young policeman Judy while Jason Bateman voiced the devious con man Nick. Fans are hoping and praying that it stays the same on the show as well. However, officials have not made any announcement about it. In the first season of Zootopia+, many cast members will return to voice their characters. This includes Maurice LaMarche as Mr. Big, the arctic shrew who is a fearsome crime lord of Tundratown, and Leah Latham also returns to voice Fru Fru, Mr. Big’s daughter and Judy’s friend.

Alan Tudyk will once again voice Duke Weaselton, the cutest weasel con man who sells pirate DVDs. We’ll also have Don Lake and Bonnie Hunt as Judy’s parents and Raymond S. Persi as Flash, the DMV’s three-toed sloth. Kristen Bell also returns as three-toed sloth Priscilla. Fans are also hoping for Shakira’s return as Gazelle, the pop star. Who else will be part of Zootopia+ has yet to be announced. But it’s obvious that fans can expect big names and surprises awaiting them.

Zootopia+ Season 2 Trailer

The Zootopia+ trailer is not yet available. Even though Zootopia+ is set to release soon in November, the trailer is yet to be released. Fans are very disappointed as they were eagerly waiting for the trailer. The second season of Zootopia+ is yet to be released and there have been no announcements about it. The trailer is therefore not available.

Where to watch Zootopia+ Season 2 online?

The spin-off series based on the movie Zootopia has been in the news for quite some time now. And the first season of Zootopia+ is set to release soon in November. Interested fans can discover the series on Disney +. There has been no news about the second season of the series but once it is released we hope it will also be available on Disney plus.


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