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Atomic Heart releases new boss fight video and damn it looks good!



Atomic Heart releases new boss fight video and damn it looks good!

Atomic Heart will be released in February 2022.

It has been known for a few days that Atomic Heart will be released on February 21, 2023. And with that, at least for me, the wait time for a game is slowly but surely coming to an end, which, by design, is the one of the interesting upcoming titles, but on the other hand, it’s still a bit of a mystery. Because the shooter, which takes place in an alternate universe at the zenith of the Soviet Union, has already shown many spectacular action scenes, but I still can’t understand the big picture.

But one thing is becoming increasingly clear to me: Because when I watch IGN’s current boss fight video, I increasingly believe that Atomic Heart will actually be a tech grenade as previous trailers have already indicated.

Tobie Veltin

Tobias Veltin has been an editor at GamePro since 2009. His favorite genres are shooters and racing games, and outside of video games, games are his great passion. He enjoys football and billiards and is constantly expanding his collection of board games. Incidentally, this has nothing to do with the beer brand of the same name. Unfortunately.

This bullet gives us real hell

The nearly ten-minute gameplay video shows a fight against a huge metal ball. It makes hell hot for the character in a round arena with various attacks, such as trying to knock him down or crush him with stomping attacks.

And aside from the generally very cool opponent design, I once again notice how awesome Atomic Heart looks. Whether it’s the detailed environments, the plasticity of objects and enemies, or the numerous particle effects: if the finished game indeed brings such graphical impact to the screen and still runs well, it will probably play in the very high ranks of technology.

See for yourself, here is the video from IGN:

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With all the anticipation for a possible graphical spectacle, it is of course clear to me that the game must first live up to the now quite high expectations and prove that it can truly deliver on those graphical promises.

It’s the atomic heart

The title is often called “Future Bioshock”, which is related not only to the perspective but also to the gameplay of the game. Because, as the boss fight video shows, your own character not only uses many ballistic weapons and weapons melee, but also uses telekinesis or some elemental powers, for example.

You can watch the current game trailer here:

Atomic Heart - Trailer Reveals Shooter Release Date


Atomic Heart – Trailer Reveals Shooter Release Date

But the story also makes you curious: As a Russian secret agent, you have to take care of a secret research facility after things go wrong and the robots created there take over. And as the ball opponent already suggests, you can probably expect plenty of other crazy enemies there.

Atomic Heart will be released on February 21, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of the boss fight video?

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