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Check out this Japanese trailer, you won’t regret it for sure



Check out this Japanese trailer, you won't regret it for sure

Yes, this is an image from the new God of War Ragnarok trailer. No, we don’t know what that means either.

God of War Ragnarok has just received a very curious American trailer in which LeBron James, Ben Stiller and John Travolta give each other parental advice. Another trailer for the game from Japan is equally unusual and fun. We see a kind of children’s song about God of War, performed by one person and two dancers. The whole unfolds its own charm.

God of War trailers outdo each other for weirdness

That’s what it’s about : God of War Ragnarök actually takes a more serious tone and continues the story of the 2018 blockbuster. The new part will appear in less than a week and is currently in its heyday. Sony Santa Monica is stoking the fire with a few final trailers just before release.

The latest surprise trailers: While God of War Ragnarök’s father-son story tends to be harsh and there’s a lot of war and violence as well as the impending end of the world, the last two trailers lean on a sense humor that contrasts sharply with this. You can watch the new Japan trailer here:

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It can be seen: A sort of nursery rhyme performance. It’s about a certain Kratos, who has a son, who both embark on a seemingly very fun adventure. The two also have a bow and an ax in their luggage. If no gameplay scenes were visible between the two, it would be difficult to say that it is God of War Ragnarök.

Of course it brings back memories another very curious God of War Ragnarök trailer, which Sony recently released. Apparently it’s aimed more at an American audience, but it looks no less unusual. At least we see actor Ben Stiller in a Kratos costume. The dialogues with John Travolta, his daughter, LeBron James and the other two youngsters also seem extremely strange to funny:

God of War Ragnarök - Ben Stiller becomes Kratos in the new trailer


God of War Ragnarök – Ben Stiller becomes Kratos in the new trailer

Learn more about God of War Ragnarok:

It really won’t be long until Ragnarök is released. The launch date is November 9, so next week Wednesday. Anyone who has already pre-ordered the new God of War can already start preloading and start downloading it on PS4 and PS5.

Which trailer do you think is the funniest?

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