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DKB: chargebacks are almost done



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We talked about it: Many DKB customers have noticed that there is money missing from their account. There have been double bookings on the institute’s current account in recent days. Some reservations from October 2022 have been made again. All double bookings are identified, according to the DKB. Since Friday evening November 4, 2022, these have been reserved. Most of it has now been credited. You work all weekend to process pending chargebacks as quickly as possible. According to the current state, it will be finished on Sunday. If you have found yourself in the overdraft facility through reservations, no overdraft interest will be charged. If standing orders or transfers have not been executed due to an error and charges are now being incurred as a result of reminders, they want to check this on a case-by-case basis. The DKB has it all summed up on an FAQ page.

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